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Planting Design

Design for trees, shrubs, groundcovers and perennials are
a major aspect of nearly every MKA project. Often the
design objective is for specialized displays with decorative
themes appropriate for highly visible centerpiece
plantings, perennial borders, special gardens or residential
We design to enhance natural land features, buildings,
roadways, walks, and site structures of various scales.
The intent in most landscape applications is to provide
screening, articulate space, define edges, provide shade,
scale and seasonal interest. Other planting design endeavors
include woodland and wetland restorations.
Our projects vary in size from small residential gardens to
large scale streetscapes, urban plazas, parks, residential,
commercial, industrial and institutional developments.
Regardless of size, MKA will select and artfully compose
the appropriate plants to achieve the desired aesthetic and

planting design

planting design