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Producing Landscape Designs with the Environment in Mind

MKA Landscape Architects of Dighton, Massachusetts, specializes in green roof design and urban courtyard design. Our acclaimed architecture firm has established a reputation for delivering innovative and functional designs on schedule and within the projected budget.

Beautiful Landscape

Eco-Friendly Roofing

Now more than ever, with the desire for environmentally responsible development, the green roof has become a requirement in many cities and is a desired aspect of any new or existing roof. The concept is simple—rather than traditional roofing systems, the green roof provides a living plant community above our heads. There are numerous environmental benefits to green roofs including reduced heating and cooling energy demand, absorption of storm water, and the mitigation of the urban heat-sink effect. It also creates an outdoor garden and activity area in an otherwise unused space.

Peaceful Place to Relax

Urban courtyards offer a respite from the bustling pace of the city. Courtyards are typically enclosed spaces with limited access and intended as meeting places and for passive activities, such as seating and dining. The landscape of courtyards should create a tranquil setting especially suited for such activities. Trees, shrubs, and perennials help define the space and provide scale, shade, color, and variety.